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Strategies to help your drug & alcohol treatment center fill more empty beds
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Results-Based Addiction Treatment Marketing for Rehab Centers

We’re highly experienced professionals when it comes to marketing for drug & alcohol addiction treatment centers.
If your facility isn’t getting steady web traffic or conversions, you need a tried and true full-service digital addiction treatment center marketing agency.

To keep your treatment center consistently running at or near full capacity, you need multiple marketing strategies to generate a steady flow inbound leads.

Even though millions of people receive treatment each year, there is still a lot of untapped demand for addiction treatment. Statistics show that  only about 11% of Americans who need substance abuse treatment receive it, which means 90% percent of people with addiction disorders need the types of services you offer.

How Do You Reach People Searching for Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

How do you reach and convert people sitting at home thinking they need help because they have an alcohol problem, or family members looking for a drug rehab program for a loved one who is showing signs of addiction and behavioral changes.

Equally important: a very high percentage of people contacting you know they need help and want your services, but can't afford it --  either because they don't have insurance or because they can't pay out-of-pocket. We have several innovative strategies to help you earn revenue from those inbound leads that you are currently turning down.
Data Mining
Our teams pull data from multiple platforms to maximize lead gen.
Advanced SEO
Innovative SEO strategies that bring more clients to you.
Dynamic Web Design
Seamless design for seamless user experience.
Authoritative Content
Position yourself as experts in your field with content written by experts.
Conversion Tools
Google, Social Media, Websites. We optimize it all for lead acquisition.
Social Media Marketing
Get in front of more people for a fraction of the cost.
Intake Experts
Never lose a lead again. Ever.
PinPoint Tech
Get leads your competitors can't find.
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